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What would you like to listen today?

Radio Califa has two musical channels, the name of the first one is Lambda=0; whereas, the name of the second channel is Lambda -1=0.

Both channels can be accessed through a personal computer or mobile device, clicking on the respective link.



1.  First Channel

     Genres/Styles: Rock/pop since 1955 to the present. Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Pere Ubu, The Cure, Nirvana, Tame Impala           and many more artists.

     Direct Link: Here


2.  Second Channel

     Genres/Styles: Indie rock, post-punk, new wave, britpop, experimental rock, noise rock, noise pop, neo-psychedelia,

     krautrock, chamber pop and related genres. The Residents, Can, Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, R.E.M., New Order,                 Spacemen 3, James, The Arcade Fire, The Killers and many more artists.

     Direct Link: Here


Observation: The musical tracks titled as Advert:Targetspot are introduced by Radionomy.


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